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Who among us isn't intrigued by water? It captivates us. It can be tranquil or terrifying, healing or destructive. It soothes us and frightens us by turns. But whatever its mood, water is always fascinating -- and it's always mysterious. It carries us along with it, and the destination isn't always one of our own choosing. That's the water's way.

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Autumn Blushes Against Lacy Falls

Autumn's Peak Color

Beaver Pond in Early Winter

Beavers Live Here

Bedrock Riverbank Fissures

Boathouse in the Fog

Bright Water in a Dark Canyon


Class V

Close View of the Falls


Curtain Falls

Danger - Shoal! Cold Spring Breeze on Lake Champlain

Drizzly Autumn Afternoon

Falls in Spate

Flood Surf

Flooded Grasses

Fog at the Beaver Pond


Green Angel Hair