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Autumn in the Adirondacks is a bittersweet time. Waterfowl gather together to tank up on fuel before the arduous journey south. Seasonal songbirds have followed insects to warmer climes. Mornings are chilly, even cold, and skim ice forms overnight on stillwaters. Winter's on the way. But there's a flip side. Deciduous trees are brilliantly colored, painting the landscape in gold, red, and orange. The crisp air smells sweet, and warm days without the nuisance of biting flies encourage us to explore woods and waters. Enjoy a ramble through our ever-growing collection of photos of this splendid season.

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Adirondack Autumn Hillside Under Impending Storm 50mm

Alder Meadow Marsh

Alder Meadow Marsh Blushes With Autumn

Autumn - Aspens Ablaze

Autumn - Brilliant Backwater

Autumn - Change

Autumn - Leaves Along the Stream

Autumn - Leaves on a Small Forest Stream

Autumn - Leaves on the Riverbank

Autumn - Looking Up

Autumn - Reflecting Golden Treetops

Autumn - Streamside Leaves After the Fall

Autumn - Trapped Leaves

Autumnal Still Life 50mm

Crimson Ledge Drop

Decay - Skeletal Leaf 1

Decay - Skeletal Leaf 2

Foliage - Lilypad

Foliage - Spray Dappled Leaves

Frosty Big Toothed Aspen Leaf 50mm