Frosty Trees Against Lunar EclipseFrosty Trees Against Lunar EclipseComposite of two photos.
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Welcome to Tamia Nelson’s Outside Photos. You'll find here some of the most popular photographs from our website, Tamia Nelson's Outside, as well as a great many more, besides.

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About Tamia Nelson's Outside

Tamia Nelson's Outside is dedicated to no-octane enjoyment of the outdoors. We love bicycles and cycling. We cycle for a purpose, and we cycle for pleasure. We even enjoy watching the pros, because they make it look so easy to climb mountains, and bikes are always elegant. We love paddling our boats, too, on stillwaters and swift. And we're inveterate trekkers on foot in all seasons, exploring our backyards and further afield. All of these activities are meant to bring us closer to the beauties and wonder of the natural world, which we celebrate through our quiet, self-powered pursuits. These revive the soul, enrich the mind, and recharge the spiritual batteries, without leaving a heavy stamp in our wake. If you feel the same way, then you're one of us, wherever you live.